Spectrum Labs is a hemp CBD extractor located in South Asheville, NC. Our team does what we promise and focus on crafstmanship, long-term relationships and win-win partnerships.

Innovative Hemp Consumer Goods Manufacturer and Wholesaler

Crafting High-Quality Hemp Extracts That Even Our Families Can Use

Our devotion to bringing ideas to life drives us to create safe, industry-leading products. If you have an idea it is not only our job but our passion to make it a reality.

Spectrum Labs is member of SEHA - Badge_Blue
Spectrum Labs is member of SEHA
Spectrum Labs products are third party lab tested - badge
Spectrum Labs products are third party lab tested for accuracy and safety
spectrum Labs is GMP Certified facility
Spectrum Labs is GMP Certified facility

If you’re tired of¬†


Nonresponsive Hemp Providers

One of life’s simple pleasures: your hemp processor actually returning your calls.

Unprofessional Practices

Not caring about your success. Little to no emphasis on standards. Blames you for any delays. Absolves themselves from mistakes. 

Wondering if You Can Trust The Supplier

Are the products made in a safe manner? Is this a real business? Are products made in someone’s grungy garage? Do they even know what they’re doing?

Work With A Hemp Processor You Can Trust

Spectrum Labs Can Offer You

Responsive Professionals

We respond within 1 business day. Our team is courteous, friendly, knowledgeable and resourceful. If we don’t know, we’ll find a resource for you.¬†

GMP-Certified Facility

Our lab has been audited and approved by a third-party agency for food safety protocols. 

Innovative Product Options

Differentiate your brand with unique hemp products your customers will love. Whether wholesale or proprietary consumer goods, give your customers hemp products they’ll love.¬†

Spectrum Labs Brings You

Hemp Solutions To Help Your Company Succeed

Purchase Wholesale Hemp

We carry 100+ hemp products with different cannabinoids and natural ingredients. Find solutions that fit your brand. 

Get Wholesale Pricing


Launch Private Label Brand

Partner with us and create custom hemp formulations and products unique to your brand. 

Learn About  Private Label

Extract Hemp Biomass

Extract your hemp flower with a caring partner. We accept low minimums for craft flower and extract to crude and distilled CBD. 

Learn About Extraction

Learn About The Hemp Industry

The Hemp Startup Journey Podcast

31. Using CBD Education to Provide your Clients the Best Cannabis Experience – With Jenna Tipoff of Spiffy

November 10, 2022

Podcast Show Notes with Jenna Tipoff

Jason talks with Jenna about how giving a remarkable customer experience to your clients in the Cannabis space affects your brand. In this episode, Jenna will be sharing how her role helps empower budtenders in the Cannabis space through CBD education using Spiffy.

As Customer Success Manager, she will continue to serve as the main POC for all of Spiffy’s enterprise clients, whilst overseeing and developing an empowered department of CS/Content professionals.

#30. How to Hire Top Talent for Your Cannabis Company – With Stephanie Pow (podcast)

October 20, 2022

Podcast Show Notes with Stephanie Pow

In this episode, Jason talks with Stephanie about how the recruitment space in the cannabis industry goes pre and post pandemic. She will be sharing helpful tips on how to ace your career in the cannabis space and at the same time, share nuggets of wisdom on how to spot top talents who will thrive in your CBD company.

Since joining the cannabis industry in 2019, she worked with many of the leading cannabis companies in Canada & Europe to place 100+ people on their teams.

#29. How to Market Your CBD Company – With Jayde Laws of CannaScale (podcast)

October 11, 2022

Podcast Show Notes with Jayde Laws

In this episode, Jason talks with Jayde Laws about how to market your CBD company, the state of hemp in South Africa, how to differentiate your hemp company, SEO (search engine optimization) and other key marketing topics.

Founded by Jayde Laws who’s been running the Canna-focused marketing agency for almost five years, CannaScale, works with some of the top CBD, Cannabis and Hemp companies in the world and has done so for the last four years. Its focused on scaling reach, marketing and revenue.

Listen on Apple Podcast | Spotify

Why Choose Spectrum Labs for Hemp Extraction?

  • Relationships ‚Äď Our success depends on your success. We value earning your trust, integrity and delivering on promises.
  • Reliability ‚Äď We source materials consistently so that your business is not interrupted.
  • Flexibility ‚Äď We work with farmers, cultivators, crafters, experimenters, scientists. You may only need a small amount of product, or a large amount. We would be honored to work with you.

Services available to You

  • Toll-Processing
  • Private-label finished products
  • Full-Spectrum Crude Hemp
  • Broad Spectrum Crude Hemp
  • Distillate
  • Custom Formulations
  • Bulk Hemp and Flavor Mixtures
  • Sublingual hemp extracts
  • Topical
  • Gummies
  • Dog and Cat Treats
  • Hemp Sugar
  • Vapes
  • Honey

About Spectrum Labs

At Spectrum Labs, we are focused on building a sustainable hemp industry for hemp cultivators, retailers, retailers and consumers. The quality of the plant and extraction process are crucial to the success of the industry and health and safety of the consumer. We only process quality.

We are located in Asheville, NC.

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