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#16. Daniel Shortt, Attorney – It’s Time To Abolish The DEA (podcast)

Podcast Show Notes with Daniel Shortt

A few days ago I saw an email slide into my inbox. My first though when I saw the title was, “No, this must be a joke.” The title was too intriguing to not read it. So I did. The next day, the article’s author and I were on the phone discussing the topic and decided to share a lengthier conversation for you to digest.

The author is attorney Daniel Shortt and the title of the article that peaked my curiosity:

It’s Time To Disband The DEA.

Daniel suggests that the DEA, a 50-year old organization that has been an integral part of the US government, with a $3 billion budget and over 10,000 employees, should no longer exist.

After my initial shock at his brazenness subsided, I was able to understand Daniel’s two key arguments as reasons why the DEA should not exist anymore:

  1. The DEA contributes to a systemic racist policing system
  2. The DEA has not been effective at curtailing drug use or drug supply

While Daniel holds a strong opinion, his main intent is to create a conversation about the DEA’s role in our country and how drug use should be properly addressed.

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Who is Daniel Shortt?

Daniel Shortt is a business attorney at the Seattle office of Harris Bricken, a boutique law firm focusing international law and emerging markets such as marijuana and hemp. He works extensively with entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry and is an authority on legal issues relating to CBD and hemp laws. Daniel also assists clients with their corporate formation, transactional, licensing, regulatory, and litigation needs. Daniel is a frequent contributor to the Canna Law Blog.

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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this episode are those of the guest and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the guest’s employers. The guest is not providing legal guidance.

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Jason De Los Santos
Author: Jason De Los Santos

Jason is CEO of Spectrum Labs.

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Jason De Los Santos

Jason is CEO of Spectrum Labs.

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