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blake butler - nciha president on the hemp startup journey podcast

#18. Blake Butler Why The Southeast Hemp Bioregion Needs a Comprehensive Association Region (podcast)

Podcast Show Notes with Blake Butler

In this episode, Blake Butler, Executive Director of The North Carolina Industrial Hemp Association (NCIHA), discusses why he’s expanding the association. The new association is called The South East Hemp Association (SEHA) and will cover the bioregion.

Jason and Blake also discuss the current state of hemp in North Carolina and the surrounding region, the great opportunities and the primary issues that should concern all of us.

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Who is Blake Butler?

Blake Butler is the co-founder of HempX and has been involved in the political, business, and activist side of industrial hemp industry in since 2014. Blake has organized hemp focused educational events in North Carolina, Kentucky, and Virginia and planted hemp for fiber and CBD with farming partners Franny and Jeff Tacy in 2017-18. Blake is also a partner in Adapt Public Relations in Asheville, NC.

Contact Blake Butler on the NCIHA website: https://www.ncindhemp.org/

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Jason De Los Santos
Author: Jason De Los Santos

Jason is CEO of Spectrum Labs.

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Jason De Los Santos

Jason is CEO of Spectrum Labs.

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