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Why it's important to offer your customers more than just CBD tinctures - and New Private Label Product: Immunity CBD Gummies - Spectrum Labs

Why It’s Important To Offer Your Customers More Than Just CBD Tinctures – And New Private Label Product: CBD+ Wellness CBD Gummies

33% of Americans have tried CBD, per a 2020 Singlecare report.

64% of Americans are familiar with CBD.

The novelty of CBD is wearing off and the industry is quickly maturing. We all need to prepare before maturation or risk being left behind. What your customers are shopping for today is probably not what they will desire tomorrow.

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31. Using CBD Education to Provide your Clients the Best Cannabis Experience – With Jenna Tipoff of Spiffy

Podcast Show Notes with Jenna Tipoff

Jason talks with Jenna about how giving a remarkable customer experience to your clients in the Cannabis space affects your brand. In this episode, Jenna will be sharing how her role helps empower budtenders in the Cannabis space through CBD education using Spiffy.

As Customer Success Manager, she will continue to serve as the main POC for all of Spiffy’s enterprise clients, whilst overseeing and developing an empowered department of CS/Content professionals.

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#30. How to Hire Top Talent for Your Cannabis Company – With Stephanie Pow (podcast)

Podcast Show Notes with Stephanie Pow

In this episode, Jason talks with Stephanie about how the recruitment space in the cannabis industry goes pre and post pandemic. She will be sharing helpful tips on how to ace your career in the cannabis space and at the same time, share nuggets of wisdom on how to spot top talents who will thrive in your CBD company.

Since joining the cannabis industry in 2019, she worked with many of the leading cannabis companies in Canada & Europe to place 100+ people on their teams.

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Private Label CBD Products- Know What You’re Getting Into First

These days, it seems like CBD products are everywhere. You can find them in gas stations, health food stores, and even some convenience stores. With the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized hemp production nationwide, it’s likely that CBD products will only become more ubiquitous in the coming months and years.

You’re certainly not alone if you’re thinking about launching your own line of CBD products. The CBD market is expected to grow to  $29 billion by 2025, and there’s plenty of room for new brands to enter the fray.

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#29. How to Market Your CBD Company – With Jayde Laws of CannaScale (podcast)

Podcast Show Notes with Jayde Laws

In this episode, Jason talks with Jayde Laws about how to market your CBD company, the state of hemp in South Africa, how to differentiate your hemp company, SEO (search engine optimization) and other key marketing topics.

Founded by Jayde Laws who’s been running the Canna-focused marketing agency for almost five years, CannaScale, works with some of the top CBD, Cannabis and Hemp companies in the world and has done so for the last four years. Its focused on scaling reach, marketing and revenue.

Listen on Apple Podcast | Spotify

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#28. Making Cannabis Industry Available to Everyone – with Brandon Banks of MCBA (podcast)

Podcast Show Notes with Brandon Banks

Self-taught cannabis cultivator and business owner, Brandon Banks, stands up for minority inclusion in the industry both as an individual and as a member of Minority Cannabis Business Association. Listen to his passionate journey of getting into the industry from growing sprouts in his basement to award-winning cannabis strains, and becoming a dispensary owner.

Despite more state regulations being progressively created in the US, there are significant gaps on social equity and industry accessibility to minorities. Community reinvestment and license openings are just a couple of goals in the MCBA’s work. Their members participate in policy creation to raise these matters and aim for more inclusive legal frameworks.

You can get in touch with Brandon at [email protected] or visit minoritycannabis.org to learn more.

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#27. Helping Law Enforcement Understand The Differences Between Hemp and Cannabis – with Bill Loucks of Hemp Cops (podcast)

Podcast Show Notes with Bill Loucks

Our conversation with Bill Loucks went around the perception cops have on hemp and cannabis, how consumers and businesses in the industry can contribute to a safer use and what further is there to do about a broader awareness of hemp.

Bill started with a couple stories that led to his mindset switch from regarding hemp as a dangerous substance to becoming a commodity.

Moving on, Bill shared his view on law enforcement pointing out that most police officers are unaware of the difference between hemp and cannabis, which leads to confusion and also strengthens stereotypes.

Following the latter, he listed best practice tips for consumers and businesses in the hemp industry, to support the authorities to determine the legality of the product being used or manufactured. For growers, he explained why it is important to communicate with the police on harvest season.

Bill finished with his consideration on the next step in the transition to greater social acceptance around hemp-derived products.

You can reach out to Bill at www.HempCops.com or [email protected] to get further guidance and information on training programs.

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#26. How can we get our CBD business to stand out from the other 2,999 competitors? – with Mike Michalowicz (podcast)

Podcast Show Notes with Mike Michalowicz

There are approximately 3,000 CBD brands in the United States; how do you stand out in such a large crowd?

Best-selling business author Mike Michalowicz joined us to shed a light on differentiating your business, one particular frustration for many hemp entrepreneurs. From systematizing our business, to taking on the courage to be different than the competition, Mike shares advice for those seeking to turn their brands into unique players in their field.

Spoiler alert: you may start with something really small, you don’t have to re-invent your industry.

For exclusive resources from Mike to our podcast listeners go here.

Mike’s new book Get Different will launch in September and can be found here.

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Mike Michalowicz Shares a Free Resource List for Hemp Startup Journey Podcast Listeners

If you’re in the hemp and CBD business, why should a customer do business with you versus every other option, including doing nothing? And you can’t say because your products are better or higher quality‚Ķ that doesn’t really mean anything because anybody can claim that. Why should somebody REALLY buy CBD from you?

Your business may be doing well now but at some point, it will struggle. Every business goes through ups and downs and you’re probably no special snowflake that this won’t happen to. How will your point of differentiation get you through the dark and hard periods?

I think you will be very excited about this next podcast episode with best selling author Mike Michalowicz.

I’ve read nearly all of Mike’s books and his lessons have been slowly transforming our companies in a very positive and meaningful way.

Mike was kind enough to create a list of resources exclusively for the listeners of the Hemp Startup Journey podcast.

Check out the free resources and learn more about how Mike’s lessons on entrepreneurship transformed him from struggling and depressed to loving his work and being fulfilled by it.

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#25. How Building Community Can Create a Great Cannabis Brand – with Ladies of Paradise (podcast)

Podcast Show Notes with Ladies of Paradise

Creativity and Cannabis go together. In this episode, Jade and Harlee, owners of Ladies of Paradise and Lady Jays prove the point. They use branding, unique events, and their own line of smokables to make people, especially women, feel comfortable with consumption of cannabis.

Learn how Jade and Harlee do really cool branding that gets people talking and sharing their message.

The Ladies shared their perspective on industrial hemp for the future, and how positioning themselves with hemp today is strategic to take on upcoming opportunities arising from new regulations.

The conversation wrapped up with a brief story highlighting how their business has taken part in opportunities for giving back to society.

Get in touch with Ladies of Paradise at:

Web: Ladies of Paradise / Lady Jays

Instagram: @ladiesofparadise @smokeladyjays

@heyjadehey @harleecase

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