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Why it's important to offer your customers more than just CBD tinctures - and New Private Label Product: Immunity CBD Gummies - Spectrum Labs

Why It’s Important To Offer Your Customers More Than Just CBD Tinctures – And New Private Label Product: CBD+ Wellness CBD Gummies

33% of Americans have tried CBD, per a 2020 Singlecare report.

64% of Americans are familiar with CBD.

The novelty of CBD is wearing off and the industry is quickly maturing. We all need to prepare before maturation or risk being left behind. What your customers are shopping for today is probably not what they will desire tomorrow.

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#22. Running for Commissioner of Agriculture – with Jenna Wadsworth, Democratic Candidate

Podcast Show Notes with Jenna Wadsworth

Running for NC Agriculture and Consumer Affairs Commissioner, Jenna Wadsworth, is here to talk about the responsibilities of a commissioner of agriculture which include protecting, maintaining and enhancing the production of North Carolina agriculture, as well as promoting public health programs. We also discussed how the legalization of the hemp industry could be an opportunity for farmers in North Carolina.

Wadsworth is committed to take care of social, environmental and economic justice. She wants to address environmental issues especially for those who have suffered through natural disasters. Additionally, Wadsworth said she wants to emphasize the reality of climate change.

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#21. Is The NC Hemp Pilot Program Really Dead? with Marne Coit, NC State University (Podcast)

Podcast Show Notes with Dr. Marne Coit

NC-based Agricultural Law Lecturer, Dr. Marne Coit, is back to talk about the expiration of state hemp pilot programs at the end of October 2020. We discussed anticipated changes to licensing, compliance testing, and regulations when the program ends. This is an important topic as people in the state have concerns, anxiety over what’s going to happen next, and how it will impact entrepreneurs, farmers, etc.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this episode are those of the guest and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the guest’s employers. The guest is not providing legal guidance.

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20. Nurses Leading Cannabis Care – With Eloise Theisen, American Cannabis Nurses Association (podcast)

Podcast Show Notes with Eloise Theisen

In this episode, I sit down with Nurse Practitioner Eloise Theisen. We discussed the challenges and opportunities with cannabis in healthcare. It’s an important conversation because an increasing number of patients are using cannabis and so it’s imperative that healthcare professionals are educated in this natural medicine.

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Hemp Industry Jobs

Hemp Job Listings

Rod Kight Discusses New DEA Rules and How They May Destroy The Hemp Industry

19. Will New DEA Rules Destroy the Hemp Industry? – With Attorney Rod Kight, Kight Law (podcast)

Podcast Show Notes with Rod Kight

Asheville-based attorney, Rod Kight, is back to discuss the new DEA rule on hemp extracts. Jason and Rod also discuss how the DEA claims that hemp extracts with Delta-9 THC above 0.3% is an illegal substance, synthetic cannabinoids like Delta-8 THC, as well as the crucial North Carolina hemp pilot program that’s expiring in October 2020.

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#16. Daniel Shortt, Attorney – It’s Time To Abolish The DEA (podcast)

Podcast Show Notes with Daniel Shortt

A few days ago I saw an email slide into my inbox. My first though when I saw the title was, “No, this must be a joke.” The title was too intriguing to not read it. So I did. The next day, the article’s author and I were on the phone discussing the topic and decided to share a lengthier conversation for you to digest.

The author is attorney Daniel Shortt and the title of the article that peaked my curiosity:

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Dr Marne Coit guest on The Hemp Startup Journey Podcast

#15. Attorney Marne Coit – Cbd Oil Oversupply Concerns And Hemp Pilot Program In Jeopardy (podcast)

Podcast Show Notes with Dr. Marne Coit

This is a great conversation to listen to for anyone in the hemp community, but especially if you are a hemp farmer or are part of the hemp industry in North Carolina.

In this episode I discuss with attorney and department of agriculture professor at NC State:

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