Spectrum Labs is a hemp CBD extractor located in South Asheville, NC. Our team does what we promise and focus on crafstmanship, long-term relationships and win-win partnerships.

How We Work

Spectrum Labs operates a craft hemp extraction extraction lab in Asheville, NC. Our primary focus is to help our clients succeed by building long-term relationships and engaging in open and honest communication. Our goal: To help your hemp CBD business succeed with quality products.

Our Services

  • Custom formulations with novel cannabinoids (THCP, CBN, CBG, THCV)
  • White & Private Label 
  • Hemp Extraction using winterized Ethanol
  • CBD Distillation
  • Custom formulations of tinctures, lotions, gummies, edibles, bath products

Our Core Values

  • Craftsmanship
  • Consistency
  • Win-Win Relationships
  • We Do As We Say

Why Choose Spectrum Labs

  1. Our focus is on building long-term relationships with clients and providing consistent, high-quality products that your customers will love and trust 
  1. You can expect from us: Craftsmanship, Consistency, Win-Win Relationships, We Do as We Say 
  1. Our products are triple-filtered for the purest quality (One of which is charcoal) 
  1. Our products contain more beneficial contents and taste better due to our winterization process 
  1. We use a -80 Celsius Cryogenic extraction. This low temperature allows us to keep the plant‚Äôs compounds intact and prevents the extract of chlorophyll  
  1. We have a 98% extraction efficiency 
  1. We can quickly test the cannabinoid profile in-house without having to wait for expensive and slow third-party labs 
  1. Our products are tested for heavy metals, mycotoxins and pesticides (unlike many manufactures who only test the cannabinoids) 
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