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Spectrum Labs is now Certified as a Good Manufacturing Practices Hemp Processing Facility

How this certification can help your hemp business 

As of September of 2021, Spectrum Labs achieved GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification. There are many advantages our facility can offer your business. 

How can a GMP certified lab benefit your company? 

By showing clients that your products are products in a GMP facility, it will demonstrate a commitment to quality: 

  • Good employee habits: Our processes enable employees to develop good production and operations habits 
  • Reduce risk: Producing clean and consistent products reduces the risk of product contamination  
  • Reduced errors: Production systems allow us to detect problems quickly and reduce costs  
  • Compliance: We are required to stay up to date with hemp laws and regulations 
  • International options: GMP certified products will increase your export options due to certain countries’ requirements 

What is GMP?

Good Manufacturing Practices or GMP is a system that consists of processes, procedures and documentation that ensures manufacturing products, such as food, cosmetics, and other goods, are consistently produced and controlled according to set quality standards. Overall, it protects both company and consumer from negative food safety events. 

How did Spectrum Labs Become GMP Certified? 

Our team spent hundreds of hours and many months detailing and organizing our processes, reorganizing the entire facility, repeatedly training employees, speaking with consultants, and improving our manufacturing processes. Once ready, a third-party certifying agency — the largest of its kind â€“ sent an experienced auditor to our facility. After a thorough inspection of the entire facility, a lengthy report revealed that they determined us to comply with Good Manufacturing Practices.  

Spectrum Labs is one of the only GMP Certified Hemp facilities in the Asheville and Western North Carolina area.  

How can you inform your customers about this benefit? 

One of the simplest ways is to place a GMP logo on your product label like the one below. Contact us for more questions about how and where to display this logo. 

What are the 5 Main Components of Good Manufacturing Practice? 


Every employee is required to adhere to strict GMP procedures and regulations. All employees must undergo up-to-date GMP training to fully understand their roles and responsibilities. Tracking employee performance helps improve productivity, efficiency and competence. 


Our products are extensively tested and we pack them with care. We do our best to make sure you get the best quality products we can offer. 


Processes? You got it! Documented? Check! Clear? Absolutely! Consistent? Every time! Distributed? On it! Evaluated? You better believe it! 


A procedure is a set of rules that everyone needs to follow in order to get something done right. We have procedures for everything at our company, including how to make the best CBD + CBG gummies you’ve ever tasted! 


Space should be kept clean and tidy at all times to avoid cross-contamination, accidents, or even deaths. Fun fact: We check every single incoming shipment to make sure it’s free of any contaminants, pests, or other unwanted material that might have entered our facility in the first place. 

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Jason De Los Santos
Author: Jason De Los Santos

Jason is CEO of Spectrum Labs.


Jason De Los Santos

Jason is CEO of Spectrum Labs.

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