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3. Debunking CBD Myths – with CBD Certified’s Anna Symonds (Podcast)

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About Anna Symonds

Anna has been in the cannabis industry for four years and is the Director of Education for East Fork Cultivars. For East Fork, Anna developed CBD Certified, a free cannabis science educational program which she has presented for the staff of more than 100 dispensaries across Oregon, as well as for numerous other retailers, industry groups, and the general public. This initiative has directly educated 2500+ people about CBD and cannabis science, and now will reach many more as an online class and on public access TV.
Anna holds an MA in Communication and is a member of the International Cannabinoid Research Society. She continues to educate lawmakers at the local, state, and national levels, lobbying for cannabis legalization, patient access, and removing the barriers to clinical research.

As an Athlete Ambassador for the nonprofit Athletes for Care, Anna speaks widely about the therapeutic benefits of cannabis for elite athletes and everyday people, and promoting normalization of the plant. She spearheaded a petition signed by more than 150 professional athletes asking the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to remove THC from its Prohibited Substances list, receiving national and international news coverage.

Episode Notes

3:00 Anna’s journey into the cannabis industry
5:00 CBD Myths
5:30 Is “Psychoactive” the appropriate term for CBD?
7:20 How does CBD work in our body?
9:45 The medical marvel of the placebo effect
14:45 The Endocannabinoid System (ECS)
17:00 The Entourage Effect
18:20 Cannabis and social justice. How cannabis companies can do what’s right
22:45 The Last Prisoner Project
25:00 Knowledge disparity with consumers and the business community
29:00 What is Rugby?
33:00 Cannabis and athletics, Cannabis for Care
36:00 Inflammation in the human body
38:30 How Anna uses cannabis and hemp to care for her body
39:30 What cannabis companies need to do to appeal to athletes
43:00 How consumers should know which hemp and cannabis products to purchase
46:00 Full spectrum vs isolate CBD
53:45 Hemp seed oil vs CBD oil
59:30 How an individual can begin to dose CBD oil
1:02:00 What is the titration effect?
1:06:00 Where to find sources for CBD and cannabis education
1:08:00 New study doubting Epidiolex; Anna’s thoughts
1:12:00 How to contact Anna

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