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4. The Future of Hemp is International – with Michael Patterson of Cannabis Pharmaceutical (Podcast)

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Michael Patterson NHA, OTR/L, CEASMichael Patterson is the CEO of US Cannabis Pharmaceutical Research and Development LLC (US Cannabis), a privately-held developmental consulting firm which was established in 2014 with the mission of moving society forward through legalized cannabis.  US Cannabis develops the legal cannabis/hemp/cbd markets globally across all platforms (education, cultivation, production, dispensing, research and development, management operations and compliance, and physician services).  US Cannabis currently works with national, state, and local governments, sovereign nations, and public/private companies in all aspects of the cannabis/hemp/CBD industry throughout the United States and Internationally.

Mr. Patterson is an internationally recognized speaker, subject matter expert in the global cannabis/hemp/cbd industry, and published author. Michael is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board for Akers Bioscience, a NASDAQ listed biotechnology company, Editorial Board Member for AJEM-American Journal of Endocannabinoid Medicine (the world’s first peer-reviewed printed scientific journal dedicated to the study of endocannabinoid science and medicine). Mr. Patterson is also a board member for the Medical Cannabis Society, Tourette’s Syndrome Awareness Foundation, cannabis/cbd industry writer for Florida MD Magazine, Orlando Medical News, and licensed Occupational Therapist and Nursing Home Administrator in 4 states.

Episode Notes

00:28 Why I got so much out of this conversation
2:37 How Michael answers the question: “What do you do?”
9:50 International trade
10:30 How Michael got into cannabis
20:00 State of the US Hemp/cannabis market
22:00 Cultivators storing for Spring and related issues
23:00 Specialty formulations
25:00 Starting into hemp fiber and non-extraction options
27:00 How to learn from others
29:00 Finding new markets for hemp and CBD
30:00 Consumer perception about what quality means
31:00 Why someone may buy your CBD product / Marketing
34:00 What you should really be selling / Branding
35:00 Netscape example and lessons to today’s cannabis market
36:00 MedMen
37:00 Echoes of history and applications to cannabis / prohibition / alcohol
39:00 Thinking about future uses of hemp. Example, hemp concrete
44:00 International. What should we know?
47:50 Using technology and overseas expansion
50:00 The benefits of attending international conferences
51:30 The art vs science of hemp
55:00 Perception of Michael’s circle of friends and family once he decided to join the cannabis industry
57:00 Networking on LinkedIn
58:00 When and how to get involved in hemp / cannabis
1:00:00 How to propose value to your clients
1:01:00 Michael’s important suggestion to gain knowledge in the hemp industry
1:02:00 The importance of understanding cannabis laws
1:04:00 How long it took Michael to transition into cannabis
1:05:00 Recommended resources: Gary Vee Vaynurchuck (Gary Vee on YouTube, NSFW)
Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…And Others Don’t
1:07:00 Michael’s call to action
1:08:08 Jim Carrey
1:10:00 Michael Patterson on LinkedIn

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