Why Choose Ethanol over CO2?

  1. CO2 is synthetically made in a lab where Ethanol is made with yeast in a fermentation process like the alcoholic beverages you consume
  2. You can NOT charcoal-filter CO2-extracted crude. The viscosity is too thick which leaves in many unwanted materials and provides a less than desirable taste.
  3. Ethanol has a higher extraction yield, so you receive more product for your processed flower
  4. Ethanol extraction provides better storage limits
  5. Ethanol is considered a fuller plant extract. It extracts more compounds than CO2
  6. CO2 is more likely to extract chlorophyll which is NOT wanted
  7. Ethanol helps form esters, which lead to a more stable product
  8. Ethanol can produce pure terpene fraction (maintains terpene chain integrity)
  9. CO2 needs to use ethanol to winterize out fats and lipids, many CO2 facilities use lower-quality ethanol for this. We use high-grade ethanol for extraction
  10. CO2 can be fine-tuned to extract specific compounds, however, this can be met or exceeded by ethanol extraction with filters and distillation.